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Massage is a luxurious experience almost universally enjoyed.  Here are a few things you can do to maximize your enjoyment and benefits from your bodywork session:


·       Inform your therapist of any medical or physical conditions that might be contraindications to massage.  If in doubt, mention your condition.  If you are feeling ill today, do not get a massage.


·       Intent. Massage helps quiet the mind.  Spiritual, and even mystical experiences can be evoked.  For this reason I suggest that you set an intention for a quiet massage. Allow the thoughts and cares of everyday life to drop away for this short time and open to whatever experience might arise. Feel free to say you prefer to be quiet. I will assist by not initiating a lot of conversation. Silence helps keep your massage session sacred. But always feel free to give feedback and ask questions.


·       Breathe deeply and regularly. Allow your body to relax completely, even when the therapist picks up or moves a limb or encounters a painful area.  As areas of tension or pain are located, inhale deeply and relax into the discomfort.  Try not to tense up in reaction. If it's so uncomfortable you can't help but tense up, it's too deep! Time to let the therapist know.


·       Emotion. Sometimes during massage emotions surface.  It is of great benefit to honor and release them.  Let yourself cry and make sounds (while avoiding verbal dialogue.)  Your therapist is comfortable with emotional release and your privacy is assured.


·       Drink at least 2 quarts of water (past the point of thirst) during the day after your session.  If your session is in late afternoon or evening, drink what you can and consume the rest the following day.  Dehydration is a state of tension, not relaxation, and all bodily processes take place in a fluid environment. You want to support OPTIMIZED functioning after bodywork, including the normal flushing of wastes and toxins from body tissues. Good hydration will assist the healthy and relaxed state of your muscles.


·       Nurture. To help alleviate post-massage soreness, soak in a hot bath with Epsom salts and/or sea salt and your favorite essential oil.  Moist heat for tension and ice packs for injury are also beneficial.


·       Mini-Fast. You'll probably feel more comfortable if you don't eat for about two hours before your session.


·       Bare. Remove any jewelry (necklaces, chains, rings, bracelets, watches) that could interfere with having a smooth massage.


·       Ask for what you need. If you're concerned about getting oil on your hair or damage to your make-up, or anything else, inform your therapist.  It's possible to disturb these only a little during massage.  But try to schedule your session when you can be "messed up" so you don't miss out on scalp and facial massage!


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