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Creating an oasis for bodywork that supports peace and personal growth.

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Carol at Stonehenge
Carol at Stonehenge

My Background

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), Ordained Minister and author.  In addition to spiritual studies, my background includes the study of music, psychology and chemistry, and each has enhanced my practice and understanding of massage therapy.  When I was a child my mother often joked I would become a "masseuse" because she liked my backrubs.  But it was not until I received my first professional massage in 1995 that the idea of a career in massage therapy took hold for me.   I realized that dream in 2002.  I absolutely love giving massage.  Massage meets us where we are, and delivers rich, multi-layered gifts in all five realms--physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I'm devoted to my work and committed to facilitating and embodying health on all levels.  I am grateful for each opportunity to be a conduit of Divine Love and healing in this way.

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Carol discusses ashiatsu and healing:

My Service

During your session you have my undivided attention and are my only concern.  I join with you on a spiritual level, and together we open to the Divine healing always available to all of us.  I book my sessions in such a way as to be fully energized and relaxed for your session.  I do a brief but thorough health history at the beginning of your first session to ensure your safety and design bodywork that is right for you.

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Blessed is the influence
of one true, loving soul upon another.
~ George Eliot

Ashiatsu by Carol - bodywork that supports peace and personal growth.
Peace.  Love.  Joy.

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